Convert wmdk to vhd or vhd to wmdk

StarWind V2V Converter is a free tool that can convert your virtual matchines to different formats. It can convert wmdk to vhd and vice versa. This is useful if you are planing to migrate from one virtual platform to another.

You can download StarWind V2V Converter from

Key Features of StarWind Converter:

  • Converts from VMDK to VHD and vice versa
  • Sector by sector copy
  • Does not modify source image
  • Easy to install and use

StarWind Converter is very simple to use:

  1. Select your source File (VMDK, VHD, IMG). 

  2. Select what format you want to convert to.

3. Choose disk type.

3.  Choose a location to save the converted data file.

4. Click ‘convert’ and let the converter run. 

5. Import the resulting file into VMware, Hyper V, or mount the resulting image using StarWind

Happy Converting

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