WSUS – 2019 All Computers Server Node Crash

If you like me had the problem that when ever you whent to the Computers section in WSUS
You got the information to Reset the Server Node

The solution for me was to…….

Download and install SQL Management Studio

Start CMD as Admin and stop WSUS services

net stop W3SVC
net stop WsusService
net stop WSusCertServer

Start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17 as Admin

Connect to \.\pipe\Microsoft##WID\tsql\query

Go to the Database SUSDB
Do a new SQL Query

SQL Query

Query # 1

Select * from tbComputerTarget
and Execute that.

Check for numbers in the ParentServerTargetID
In the next Query you need to replace the number 186 with the number you found.
(If multiple numbers you need to run the query # 2 more than once and change the number to the one you have)

Query # 2
update tbComputerTarget set ParentServerTargetID = NULL where ParentServerTargetID = 186

Start WSUS services again

net start W3SVC
net start WsusService
net start WSusCertServer

Start WSUS console and hopefully you are bone happy admin
If not Happy you need to do some more Googeling

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