Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool – OneDrive for Business migration

Are you planning to move your users old Home folders to OneDrive for Business you can use BitTitan or any other 3d party migration solution or you can use Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool that is free.

The SharePoint Migration Tool lets you migrate your files from SharePoint on-premises document libraries or your on-premises file shares and easily move them to either SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365.

You can read more and download the tool from


  • The Admin account in 365 that are used to connect to office 365 needs to have a license in Office 365 for example an E3 license.
  • The Admin account needs to be an SharePoint Online Tenant Administrator.
  • SharePoint Online Management Shell installed on your computer.
  • The users OneDrive URL needs to be provisioned before using PowerShell. (The Users OneDrive URL are created when the user logs in to OneDrive Client the first time.)
  • A list of all the user that are going to use OneDrive, max is 200 users per list. So if you have more you need multiple files.
  • The Admin account needs to have access to the users OneDrive.
  • A list of the users OneDrive URLs.
  • Install SharePoint Migration Tool on a server.
  • Create the CSV used to import to SharePoint migration.
  • Scan the file share for files and signs that are not allowed in SharePoint.

The scripts I used can be downloaded from
In each script read the info and modify it so that it connects to your SharePoint Online.
Thanks to for some of the scripts.

Let’s get started with the migration:

  1. Install SharePoint online Management Shell. On your computer.
  2. Install SharePoint Migration Tool on a server or your computer.
  3. Run Scan local files and folders and make it ready for moving at SharePoint Server.ps1 on the file server
  4. Create a txt file with the users that are going to have OneDrive provisioned (email-address ) The limit for each file is 200 users
  5. Start PowerShell and import SharePoint module Import-Module Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell -DisableNameChecking
  6. Connect to SharePoint online.
    Connect-SPOService -Url -credential
  7. Provision the users OneDrive using – BulkEnqueueOneDriveSite.ps1 Use the txt file that you created in step 3
  8. Get a list of the OneDrive URLs using – ListOneDriveURL.ps1
  9. Set the Admin rights on the users OneDrive using – ODFB_AdminAccess_v0.1.ps1
  10. Create a csv file that matches the users home folder to the OneDrive URL The users OneDrive URL should look something like this
    So you need to modify the output you got from ListOneDriveURL.ps1

    Read more
  11. Start the SharePoint Migration Tool and sign in
  12. Where are you migrating from?
  13. In this case we are going to use our CSV file so that we don’t need to manually type all the info.
  14. After we have imported our csv we can modify some more setting
  15. Now it’s time to start with a test migration. When you see that your test is successful continue with the rest of the users.


Happy Migration

// Chris

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  1. Erik says:

    When running BulkEnqueueOneDriveSite.ps1 I run in to the error “Unable to find type [Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.UserProfiles.ProfileLoader].” It appears that the SharePoint Online Client Components SDK also need to be installed.

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