Azure Backup / Windows Backup Email Notification.

Are you using Azure / Windows backup to backup your servers?
Do you logon to the server everyday to check status?

Use Powershell and scheduled task to send an Email with the status.

In the script edit the lines whith the path to the files.
Set-Content c:\Source\backup.html
-Attachments “c:\Source\backup.html”

Powershell Script For Azure Backup:

Powershell Script for Windows Backup:

Scheduled Task:

Create a Scheduled Task according to the Pictures.


// Chris

Thanks Proxima’s IT Admin Corner for the Azure script and most parts of the Windows Backup script.

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5 Responses to Azure Backup / Windows Backup Email Notification.

  1. dejieo says:

    I tried it and it didnt work.

  2. dejieo says:

    Is there a fix around it

  3. Chris Steding says:

    Hi Dejieo

    Do you get any error ?

    BR Chris

  4. Kim says:


    Here is an article with a script that will generate a complete mail-report of the Azure Backups.
    It specifies name, status (completed/failed/aborted), start time, stop time, uploaded data and total backup data.

  5. Joan Martin says:


    awesome informative post about Azure Backup / Windows Backup Email Notification with screenshot.

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