MDT 2012 Update 1 silent setup.

Time Flies and it’s time to update the MDT script with some new features.

To speed up the installation of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) and to get the same setup at all customers I use this PowerShell script to install the programs needed and to setup and configure the Deployment Share.

This PowerShell script will execute all tasks to install a working MDT 2012 Update 1 Install the Feature .NET Framework Installs Windows Deployment Service Install Microsoft Deployment ToolKit 2012 Update 1 Install Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)

Folder Structure:
Copy your Windows Setup files, Drivers and applications to the folder structure bellow and then modify your script so that it will import your applications and Windows Setup files.

  • D:\Source
  • D:\Source\Drivers
  • D:\Source\Operating Systems\Windows 7 Enterprise x64
  • D:\Source\Operating Systems\Windows 8 Enterprise x64
  • D:\Source\Applications\Core Applications
  • D:\Source\Applications\Drivers
  • D:\Source\Applications\Optional D:\Source\Applications\Reference Applications

Copy the script to the server D:\ Copy your files to the Folder Structure If you already downloaded ADK & MDT copy the files to D:\Source If the files does not exist in the folder D:\Source the script will download them for you. Edit the constant variables in the second part of the script below to meet your needs and enjoy.


◾PowerShell script and folder structure

Save the script and copy it to the D: drive of you server.

Run the script and go and take a coffe.

Happy Deploying!

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3 Responses to MDT 2012 Update 1 silent setup.

  1. says:

    Love your script! Used a VMWare Windows 2008R2 with all updates, copied the script to D and ran it. At the end there was some red text in the Powershell but didn’t see what, didn’t get a message to reboot however.

    Some questions if you would have the time: also after reboot no packages, task sequences are made.
    *You mention to copy files to the structure. What name should they have or doesn’t it matter?
    If I don’t need the applications, I can just leave the script as is but what about an errorlog, is there one?

    Note: wouldn’t it be great if you could implement the hydration toolkit in this script?
    Then you have a full automated setup for SCCM 2012!


  2. Manoj says:

    I know this is quite an old blog post, but nevertheless curious to find out if I could use this automation to deploy MDT 2013 with Windows ADK 8.1 update?

    I have a virtualized MDT2013 which I have built for my lab and I keep adding various different applications and OS deployment task sequences. Because I am using the Eval version of Windows for the MDT server when it expires I have to rebuild the host VM all over again, install MDT2013 and ADK and then create the MDT shares and restore my files and folders.

    This is quite a cumbersome process and wanted a quicker process which I could piggy back as part of my floppy based autounattend.xml file based Windows OS install. The aim is to be able to install MDT2013/ADK8.1 silently and at the same time create the MDT shares and finally restore the files/folders from back up.


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