Group Policy Preferences Regional Settings not saved.

When you are using GPO prefernces to set Regional Settings on computers or Citrix / Terminal Servers you might see that even if you change to the region
you want to use it is not saved the next time you open the GPO . And the name of the Regional setting is End User Default Local instead of the name of the region.
In my case Swedish (Sweden).

If you read in the GPO you see :
This option affects how some programs format numbers, currencies, dates, and time.
The enabled (green underline) selected locale will become the end-user’s default locale when this policy is applied otherwise all settings apply to the end-user’s default locale. the locale may be customized on subsequent property pages.

The keyword here is the green underline.
But how do you get the green underline?

The answer is simple when you know it. You need to use the F5 – F8 key’s

F5 – Mark all settings on the page as “green” (apply all)
F6 – Mark current setting as “green” (apply this setting)
F7 – Mark current setting as “red” (don’t apply this setting)
F8 – Mark all settings on the page as “red” (don’t apply).

Have fun GPO-ing

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  12. Tony says:

    So grateful for this. I have 4 PCs (out of 25), that for whatever reason, seem to think they were in the United States. All installed from the same WDS image.
    This solved a major headache for me.
    Virtual beer to you!!

  13. Joseph says:

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  14. Jim says:

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  15. Clyde says:

    I had to apply the F5 four times to get it to accept.
    This is another example of idiotic design by MS. Making a simple task an exercise in frustration and time wasting. Their new mantra should be KISS!

  16. Felix says:

    Thanks man, I was starting to think I’m crazy but it turns out it’s just some more MS bullshit.

  17. Simon says:

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  32. Moorken says:

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  33. Adam says:

    Really useful article – many thanks and many beers for that.
    But, WTF? Who thought that pressing some random F-keys, was the best way of doing this – especially as there is no help whatsoever in the GPO Editor to tell you these keys are what you need to press.

  34. Alex says:

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  35. Vipul Shah says:

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  36. Harrie says:

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  37. Chris says:

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  38. Shaun says:

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