Uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan without the password.

Have you lost the Trend Micro OfficeScan Client uninstall password?
Here is two tips on how to reset / remove the password.

TIP # 1

  1. Search for the file called ofscan.ini. It is usually located in the C:\Program Files\Trend Micro Folder
  2. Open the file and search for Uninstall_Pwd= The line should look something like this:
  3. Remove everything on the line that is behind Uninstall_Pwd=
  4. After Uninstall_Pwd= write 70 it should look like this Uninstall_Pwd=70
  5. Save the file.
  6. Go to Add Remove Program and uninstall Trend Micro OffieScan. When prompted for the password enter 1 as the password,

TIP # 2

  1. Disconnect the computer from the network.
  2. Open regedit.
  3. Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TrendMicro\PC-cillinNTCorp\CurrentVersion\Misc.]
  4. Change the dword “Allow Uninstall” from 0 to 1
  5. Use Add remove programs to uninstall Trend Micro.
  6. Restart your computer.
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62 Responses to Uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan without the password.

  1. Tomas says:

    Did not find it where it said but in WOW6432 node.

  2. Sandy says:

    In Option 2 I get as far as #3, but can’t find dword “Allow Uninstall” anywhere. Where should I be looking?

  3. Hrobky says:

    Tomas is right, on 64bit Windows:

    [HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TrendMicro\PC-cillinNTCorp\CurrentVersion\Misc.\Allow Uninstall]: DWORD = 1

    and the uninstallation stopped to asking for password.

  4. yilou says:

    is there anyway to access UNLOCK function in trend micro security agent without password, this guide to uninstall works but i want to disable it than uninstall but anytime i try access UNLOCK function it ask for password and i do not have access to my web anymore

  5. Wanda J Shrout says:

    says I need password etc to uninstall this app

  6. Wanda J Shrout says:

    Won’t let me uninstall this!

  7. Wanda J Shrout says:

    Can’t uninstall this!

  8. Nicholas says:

    Follow this.

    You should be able to uninstall


  9. CJL says:

    I was able to uninstall by manually closing the program(s) Trend Micro etc. in Task Manager, and then changing the registry key as outlined in the above link. This is a working alternative to restarting in Safe Mode.

  10. Ahmed says:

    In safe mode all the obove in tip#2 is workable, thank you

  11. cm says:

    I needed to do this remotely so booting into safe mode was not an option. Neither option was working as the system (Windows 10) was blocking registry changes or overwriting the ofcscan.ini file, even after disabling all Trend Micro/OfficeScan services.

    Here’s how I did it without booting into safe mode…

    – Make a copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\OfficeScan Client\ofcscan.ini on the desktop
    – Set the following key/value pair:
    * Note that Uninstall_Pwd=70 did not work (I tried that first), an encrypted password was needed
    – Restart
    – After logging in, *very quickly* copy the modified ofcscan.ini to it’s original location
    * If done quick enough the system will allow the file to be overwritten, if it fails restart and try again
    – Uninstall using “test” as the password

  12. WalTig says:

    I had to do this:

    Start Win10 in SAFE mode

    In ofcscan.ini:
    Allow Uninstall = 1

    [HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TrendMicro\PC-cillinNTCorp\CurrentVersion\Misc.\Allow Uninstall]
    Change the dword “Allow Uninstall” from 0 to 1
    Used Add remove programs to uninstall Trend Micro with password “test”

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