Update Username, time and computer model in the computer description field when user logon.

This script is good when you want to know who is using a specific computer and the model of the computer. The description is updated every time a user logs on to a computer.

To use the script create a new GPO or use an existing GPO and add the VB script as a logon script.
Link the GPO to the computers OU.
For the users to be able to update the description field you need to delegate the control to the users to do so. Follow the guide below.

You can download the script from this link.


Delegate control to users to write in the computer description field

Right click on the OU that you want to give the users the right to update the description field.
Choose the Delegate Control…

  1. Delegation of Control wizard will start .
  2. Add the Group that you want to give the right to.
  3. Choose to Create a custom task to delegate.
  4. Select Only the following objects in the folder
    Then select Computer objects
  5. Choose Property-specific and then select Write Description
  6. Read the summary box so that everything is correct and press Finish


Now you have Delegated the rights to the users to update the description field in the OU that you selected.

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