ISA Server 2004 and Gzip Compression.

I know that ISA 2004 is a really old but still there is a lot of them out there.
I came to a customer that had problems to get the compression from their webserver
to work.

They had a web publishing rule that published their web pages to the internet.
The web server was configured to use compression but it never did.
The reason for that is that the webserver doesn’t receives the accept-encoding header
from the browser and assumes that the browser doesn’t support compression.

To get this to work you have to change the web publishing rule to send accept encoding header
this is set to false by default in ISA 2004 and you can’t change this in the GUI.

If you change this to TRUE it will work for you. The way to change it is buy using a script below.

ruleName = WScript.Arguments(0)
Set FW = CreateObject (“FPC.Root”)
Set myRule = FW.GetContainingArray.ArrayPolicy.PolicyRules.Item (ruleName)
myRule.WebPublishingProperties.SendAcceptEncodingHeader = True
WScript.Echo “Settings changed for ” & ruleName

Run it from the commandline:
WScript yourScriptName.vbs YourRule-Name

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