Migrating client computers using a computer start up script.

What is the easy way to migrate computers to a new domain? Running around to every single computer or have a computer start up script do the job for you? Since I get enough training on the gym I decided to go with the script.

My mission was to migrate 120 client computers running Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista. The computers where going to get new computer names and the users was getting new logon names.
The user was going to keep the old profile with the new username.

I used ForensIT User Profile Wizard and a GPO to migrate the computers. You can read more about ForensIT here http://www.forensit.com/domain-migration.html

When I bought it the price was 2$ / PC so it was worth every cent.

After the program is installed you start User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit and just follow the wizard and set the settings that you want to use.

By default the log file is saved on the client computer, I changed it to a server share where all computers have write access. So I could see witch computers was migrated.

When you are done with the wizard there is some tweaks you can do in the profwiz.xml file.
I changed the ProtocolPriority to LDAP otherwise it is using NETBIOS to AD the computer to Active Directory. For more info read the Administration Guide.

Migration flag:
When a computer is successfully migrated the script create a migration flag so you need to delete this flag if you are going to migrate a computer more than one time in you test environment. The flag file is written to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data (on XP) if the migration is successful. By default this is called “ForensiTMigrated”

More tools:
You can download sample scripts and other good tools from

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