Windows Repair Small Business Server 2003

 A couple of days ago I got a problem with one of my customers Smal Business Server 2003, the mouse, keyboard and nic stopped working. I tried to start the server in safe mode but that did not help.
After searching Google for a while i realized that there was no answer to the question I had. So the only thing left to do was to try.

I booted the server on the Windows Small Business Server 2003 disc 1.


  1. Press Enter to install Windows
  2. The setup will find that there is already a Windows installation.
  3. Press R to do a repair.
  4. Wait will Windows is installing.
  5. When Windows is installed logon to the server and configure the IP adress for the server.
    Here you can get a problem with that the IP is already assigned to another network card.
    If so read this KB
  6. When that is done run windows update, I had problem with Internet Explorer first so I had to download Internet Explorer 8 on another computer and install it, then a restart and after that i could run Windows update from Internet Explorer.
  7. After all the updates are installed check so that everything is working. And check the event logs for any errors.


Good Luck Chris

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