HP – Warning Machine is not in committed state

Today I got a mail from a customer that had a problem with his HP computer that he got back from service. When he was starting the laptop he received Warning Machine is not in committed state and then the computer started.

To fix the problem you need the program AMtool and a bootable USB drive.
Or you can try the ISO file that I have created.

Download the ISO file

Download the files you need to create your USB memory


If you already have a Floppy drive and a floppy disk you can use that and jump to part two.


  1. Install the virtual floppy on your computer. (vfd21-080206.zip)
    1. Run the vfdwin.exe
    2. Press Install and then Start



  1. Press Drive 0 then press Change and select Drive Letter A press OK
  2. Press Open /Create
  3. Type in the name of your “Floppy” file that you want to create and press Create
  1. Run Boot98.exe and press OK


  1. Install HP UBS Disk Storage Format Tool SP27608
    1. Insert your empty USB memory in the computer.
    2. Start HP UBS Disk Storage Format Tool.
    3. And configure it as the picture below and press start and then press Yes



When finished press OK


  1. You will now have the following files on your USB memory. (You have to show hidden files and folders to see the files.)


  1. Copy the files from the amtool folder to the USB memory.
  2. Restart the computer with the USB memory in it
  3. Read the Information in the readme file see text below.

This is AMT Branding Tool and is used to either enable or disable AMT feature on an HP commercial notebook PC.


*Prerequisite: The motherboard must be in status of “VPro Uncommitted” and “Descriptor Unlocked”


The instructions of how to use the tool:


1. Make an MS DOS bootable USB hard disk.

2. Unzip the zipped tool file and copy all onto the USB hard disk.

3. Remove Power-on password if there is any.

4. Suggest change the system boot-order to “USB Hard Disk FIRST” from F10 setup.

Operation Steps:

1. Make sure power is off.

2. Attach the USB hard disk to the system.

3. Boot system to USB hard disk. The display will stop at

VPro Uncommitted

Descriptor Unlocked

Management Engine disabled

Flash Protection Override disabled


Do you want to enable or disable AMT now [Y, N]?

4. After you make a choice, the system will be configured and rebooted.

At final, it will display either

1). AMT-Enabled

VPro Enabled

Descriptor Locked

Management Engine enabled

Flash Protection Override disabled


2). AMT-Disabled

VPro Disabled

Descriptor Locked

Management Engine disabled

Flash Protection Override disabled


**Note: If to re-run the tool, simply either execute autoexec.bat, or reboot the system.

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66 Responses to HP – Warning Machine is not in committed state

  1. Tony says:

    I have this problem. I run your autoexec.bat in your .iso file with a usb in the Probook, but I have a error
    Vpro Configuration not supported (Read) Errorlevel = 7

  2. TMM says:

    I have this problem. I run your autoexec.bat file with a usb in the Probook 6560b, but I got an error
    Vpro Configuration not supported (Read) Errorlevel = 7
    How can I solve this problem?

  3. Muneer says:

    The above has worked for my laptop EliteBook 8440p.

  4. ARA says:

    Antes que nada le felicito por su articulo para ayudarnos a resolver este error. Les comento tengo un problema el mismo que comenta TMM me manda error Vpro not soportada para la una Probook 6560b. Les voy agradecer mucho su ayuda, les mando un cordial saludo.

  5. ARA says:

    Nothing before me congratulate you on your article to help resolve this error . I have a problem I comment that says the same mistake TMM sends me Vpro not supported for one Probook 6560b . I thank them very much your help, send a cordial greeting.

  6. Alex says:

    All is fine, but how lock back descriptor and Flash Protection Override?
    Because some times when booting i have message:
    ME region is not locked
    Remove AC and DC of the system and boot again.
    with blinking CAPS and NUM leds.

  7. 张冬 says:

    Thank 非常感谢你的资料。

  8. jihamine says:

    Does not work on hp elite book 8460p

  9. Abdulkarim Musa says:

    Hello, please I have an HP 840 G1.. Showing “WARNING MACHINE NOT IN A COMMITTED STATE” does this applies to it as well or there is another method of resolving the issue? If yes, please help me send it to me via my email above. Thank you very much.

  10. Mackenzie says:

    Thanks for your IOS and tool.
    When I run the vfdwin.exe, that say “Virtual Floppy Drive does not run on Windeows 95/98/Me”. How can i do?

  11. Chris says:

    You say the motherboard must be “VPro Uncommitted” and “Descriptor Unlocked”
    They are not, and the tool doesn’t work because of it.
    How do I get this state?

  12. muftah says:

    i use this link http://www.compit.se/?p=206
    i have laptop hp eltiebookG850 g1 i change the mother board but i receive this message
    Warning Machine is not in committed state
    i use this link with my laptop but it is not work http://www.compit.se/download/Program/AMTOOLS.iso

    plz how caan u help me

  13. marwinbosst says:

    BIOS issues after motherboard swap on a HP Elitebook 8560w

    Since I have exhausted all possible ways on the internet to solve this issue, I thought to give it one last try and publish it here – maybe an expert can suggest a solution.

    I probably fried my old motherboard with a bad power-connector, so I decided to get a new one. The old motherboard was built for a dual core CPU, but since I found a cheap, new motherboard with quadcore CPU and since on the HP forurms I read it was possible to upgrade from a dual core mother board to a quadcore motherboard ( 684319-001 ), I decided to upgrade the motherboard and also get a new used (quadcore) i7 2760QM. Replacing the motherboard went rather smooth, I only realised that the LCD cable was damaged (it was giving black screen), so I had to replace that as well.

    Having replaced the motherboard, I started getting the message “Warning – machine not in committed state”, but after a split second Windows 10 boots normally (I actually was surprised I didn’t have to reinstall the OS). Furthermore, when I unplug the laptop from the power cord, the screen starts flickering before turning off, but the machine keeps running. The screen also turns off when unplugging the power while in BIOS, so I guess it is not an issue linked to power plans and other Windows stuff.

    Things I’ve tried:
    I thought the best thing is to leave aside the power issue for now and solve first the software issue hoping that it would also be responsible for the power issue.

    First I successfully updated the BIOS to the last available version, F.60.

    Then, to get rid of the BIOS error message my first approach was to use the AMTool from ( http://www.compit.se/?p=206 ), even though I used the HPUSBFW tool to generate a DOS bootable USB stick instead of virtual floppy drive, which won’t run on x64 machines.

    When I read the AMT, I get

    VPro uncommitted
    Descriptor unlocked
    Management Engine enabled
    Flash protection override disabled

    Which is regular, except for the Management Engine, which in theory should be disabled. On the attempt to shutoff or turn on the ATM I get the error

    Vpro Configuration not supported (Write) Error level == 7

    I checked on the Intel website whether the CPU, has VPro (it has). I also unplugged the MB battery (coin battery) from the motherboard in hope it would reset the VPro as I bought a used CPU, but it didn’t help.

    My next guess was that the AMTool won’t work on an unbranded motherboard, so I tried various versions of NBDIMIFIT (from, for example ftp://ftp.grouped-tech.com/Applications/HP%20Tools/ ), but when trying to save P/N(Sku), model name etc., the outcome is always

    Failed to write SKU number.
    Failed to write model name.

    After that the NBDIMIFIT.bat prompts me to prepare a FAT32 USB stick with the content of Brand11 in it, enable UEFI boot mode and boot from the efi file bootx64.efi. But this doesn’t work either – the machine won’t boot and show a black screen with white cursor (not blinking), so I guess it freezes. I tried different .efi files but with no success. I even tried a windows bootx64.efi file to see if there is a problem with the uefi boot in general, but with no success, the error being that some booting info is missing due to recent hardware changes.

    These are all possible approaches to the problem I’ve found. Just to recap, the motherboard is new (not used) while the cpu is a used one. For now, unless there is no saint out there with a solution to the problem, I’ll ignore the “not in committed state” warning, hoping it won’t cause issues further down the road and get a new battery in hope it will solve the power issue. Any advice is greatly appreciated of course.

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  15. Reiflecx says:

    thanks for the info but please i will like to know if it’s going to erase anything on the phone that is currently on the phone ,so we can save them somewhere else to avoid loosing files

  16. brainconxept says:

    Please can I skip the first step that needs a floppy disk and move to using the USB because am using an Elitebook 8440p and it does not have a floppy disk drive. Will it still work?

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