Block Microsoft Browser Choice KB976002

A lot of companys in Europe are thinking of how they are going to block the Browser choice update.  One good thing to know is that this only apply to client OS
There are three ways to block it that I know about.

  1. Don’t allow KB976002 in WSUS.
  2. Download this ADM file and make a GPO for your computers (thanks to Jonas Sjöstrand )
  3. Script out a reg file to the clients: 

Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\BrowserChoice
Value Name: Enabled
Value Type: DWORD
Possible Values: 1 Display browser choice update
                                0 Do not display browser choice update

If your users get the browser choice update installed on there computers they will get a new icon on the desktop called Browser Choice. If the user is running Windows 7 the update will unpin IE from the taskbar. When the user opens Browser Choice they will see the following pictures.

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4 Responses to Block Microsoft Browser Choice KB976002

  1. PKonen says:

    This adm works just fine.
    While there are several blog on why still write or use adm, it still is a very usefull and handy tool.

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  3. Peter Kuschke says:

    Thanks for the adm.
    Just a hint for the not so well informed circles:
    If you don’t see any choice in the category, uncheck the filter setting ‘Only show policy settings that can be fully managed’ and voilà!
    Regards, Peter

  4. Aracelis says:

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