Deploy Windows live movie maker / Live Essentials 2011

In Windows 7 Microsoft has decided to not include any of the Windows Live programs ( Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Family Safety and Toolbar) if you have any user in your organisation that want to use any of the programs you might want to deploy them using a MSI package . But when you try to download the program from you only get an .exe file that then will download the programs that you want to install.
To get the whole Windows Live pakage in one file use the links at the bottom of this page.

You now have the installer directly from Microsoft’s download site.

When you have downloaded the pakage install the features that you whant to use on a test computer. When the installation has finished you will see that some of the programs have dependencies to each other. To get Movie Maker to work you have to have Photo Gallery installed. And to get Photo Gallery to work you need Microsoft SQL 2005 Compact edition. So don’t scrath your head to much when you see that Photo Gallery is installed even though you just selected Movie Maker in the setup and then you also got Microsoft SQL 2005 Compact edition.

Now over to where to find the MSI version of the installation.

The MSI file is located in C:\Windows\Installer the folder installer is a hiden folder so you need to show hiden folders.
To find out exact what the files that you need is called you can look in the registry in in this folder:

I have also found it in

Go trough the folders that look like 5DD3EF3C1E293CE4DBB628D29DE99819 and look in the folder called InstallProperties  untill you find the right program. When you have found the program look for LocalPackage and there is the path to the MSI for that program.

If you are more of a scripting guy / girl you can also do a scripted installation of the Windows Live Programs. To do that download wlsetup-all.exe the same way as above.

Here are the different command line options that you can play with:

Exampel: WLSetup.exe /AppSelect:Messenger

Additional switches are as follows:

  • AppSelect:[ProductID] or ![ProductID]
  • log:log_location
  • NOToolbarCEIP (to not opt into Toolbar CEIP)
  • NOhomepage (to not set home page defaults)
  • Nolaunch (blocks all applications from running automatically after your installation is complete)
  • NOMU (to opt the computer into Microsoft Update)
  • nosearch (to not set search defaults)
  • q (for a silent/unattended install)

ProdID’s for the command line:

auto-select products configuration

no toolbar ceip configuration

no search configuration

no homepage configuration

messenger only configuration

no CEIP configuration

no MU configuration

non-strict dependency configuration

no launch configuration

silent/quiet configuration

Happy Deploying

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7 Responses to Deploy Windows live movie maker / Live Essentials 2011

  1. Kaden says:

    Thanks for this blog, it was such a big help!

    I used for the download link as it is a newer version now.

    For reference I used the following command to provide the user with an installer with Photo Gallery and Movie Maker set by default: wlsetup-all.exe /AppSelect:MovieMaker /AUTOSELECT /NOTOOLBARCEIP /NOSEARCH /NOHOMEPAGE /NOCEIP /NOMU /NOLAUNCH

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  4. Jeremy says:

    I am getting nothing when Click on the MSI file. I found the installer and try to run it but I it just cycles and leaves nothing. It doesn’t install…it just acts like it is configuring the install then disappears. What am I doing wrong? I did everything up to the scripting part. The Scripting part doesn’t apply right if I am doing the first things? Trying to install on a Win7 Machine so I can later deploy on a 600 machine network.

  5. Jeremy says:

    FYI I am using Active Directory.

  6. Jeremy are you using the MSI files or the EXE file?
    if you are using the MSI file you need the following:
    To get Movie Maker to work you have to have Photo Gallery installed. And to get Photo Gallery to work you need Microsoft SQL 2005 Compact edition.

    i would do a scripted install and a computer startup script

    script example:

    if exist %temp%\moviemaker.txt goto exit
    copy \\server\install$\moviemaker.txt %temp%
    \\server\install$\WLSetup.exe /AppSelect:moviemaker

    hope this works for you.

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