Configure Trusted Sites using GPO

There are two ways to configure the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer. Before you start to configure your GPO make sure you are using the ADM file fore the version of IE you are using on your computers. To download the ADM file go to and search for IE 7 ADM to download the ADM file for IE 7.

The way that I’am using to configure the trusted sites is by using the Site to Zone Assigment List. To configure your GPO start your Group Policy Management Console.
Start –> Run –> gpmc.msc –> OK . Open an existing GPO or create a new.
  In your GPO go to User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Componentes –> Internet Explorer –> Internet Control Panel –> Security Page  set the Site to Zone Assignment List to Enable. Then click the button Show to add your sites.

Internet Explorer has 4 Security Zones # 1-4 these are used by this policy setting to configure sites to the zones. 1 = Intranet Zone 2 = Trusted Sites 3 = Internet Zone 4 = Resticted Sites Zone.

The other way to configure the settings is by importing the settings from a computer that has IE configured the way you want to have it configured. The best thing to do this is to install the Admin Pack and GPMC  on a client computer. Then configure IE the way you want.
Start –> Run –> gpmc.msc –> OK . Open an existing GPO or create a new. Go to User Configuration –> Windows Settings –> Internet Explorer Maintenance –> Security Then choose Security Zones and Content Ratings and click the Import the current security zones and privacy settings then click Modify Settings and make sure the settings are the way you want it.

// Chris

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