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Cisco Any Connect Certificate Validation Failure.

Had a case at a customer the other day where we are planing to start using machine certificate to make the VPN more secure. When we were testing we ran into a problem on two of our test computers. When … Continue reading

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Protect your business against Ransomware and Malware.

More and more virus and malware are released everyday on the internet. The Anti-Virus vendors are struggeling to keep up. And we IT Pros are doing what we can to protect our business from ransomware and malware. From the Avecto … Continue reading

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Block Microsoft Browser Choice KB976002

A lot of companys in Europe are thinking of how they are going to block the Browser choice update.  One good thing to know is that this only apply to client OS There are three ways to block it that … Continue reading

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Juniper SSG5, VIP and FTP server

I had a lot of problems to get my ftp server to work behind my Juniper SSG 5. There are a couple of things you need to configure to get it to work. The things you need to do is: … Continue reading

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Uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan without the password.

Have you lost the Trend Micro OfficeScan Client uninstall password? Here is two tips on how to reset / remove the password. TIP # 1 Search for the file called ofscan.ini. It is usually located in the C:\Program Files\Trend Micro Folder Open the file … Continue reading

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Running out of space on your WSUS server?

When your WSUS server has been up runing for a while you might need to free up some space on the disk where you are storing the updates to your clients/Servers. To do so just follow the easy steps bellow. … Continue reading

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Files and Folders to Exclude from Antivirus.

  This post describe what files and folders that is recommended to exclude from antivirus program. The exclusions depend on what programs and rolls that the server has. How you exclude files and folders in your antivirus is beyond the … Continue reading

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Factory reset Juniper SSG 5

First you need to do download Putty or use your favorite terminal application. And if you don’t have an COM port on your computer you need an USB to COM port adapter. The one I’m using is from ATEN. When you have all … Continue reading

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